Here at Little Feet Therapy, we offer a number of different pediatric therapy services that can help your child.

Does your child have issues with the larger movements of their body? That is, with walking, crawling, running, rolling, jumping, using stairs, catching, or throwing? Do they seem clumsy? If so, it can have significant impacts on your child’s development and their ability to live an independent life. We can help.

If your child has difficulty with their fine motor skills, they may end up struggling with a wide variety of activities. This can include writing, typing, using a computer, holding things, feeding themselves, buttoning or zipping up clothing, and self care activities, among others. Pediatric occupational therapy can help.

If your child needs pediatric therapy services, there are many different possible barriers to being able to bring them to a clinic for treatment. As a result, Little Feet Therapy is proud to provide mobile and in home physical therapy and occupational therapy treatments to help your child get the best start in life.

Embarking on a treatment plan for your child begins with an initial assessment. At Little Feet Therapy, we provide evaluations and screenings as part of our pediatric therapy services. If you believe your child could have a disability or another developmental-impacting condition, we are here to assist.

Does your child have sensory processing issues? Do they have a poor attention span or difficulty with changes in their daily routine? Do they have difficulty communicating, sleeping, or have poor social skills? For all these issues and more, therapeutic listening treatments can help.

Is your child stressed out by loud noises or bright lights? Do they seem to get irritated by wearing certain types of clothes, picky in their food choices, or are averse to physical touch? If so, these symptoms can be related to sensory processing disorder. Sensory integration therapy treatments can help.

Our minds learn more before the age of three than we do any other period in life. So if your child has a developmental disability or delay, it’s important to get pediatric therapy at a young age. Early intervention has been shown to treat developmental concerns more effectively than waiting until they’re older.

Here at Little Feet Pediatric Therapy, we believe in staying involved in the community. Whether you’re a new parent looking for support, a parent group looking for knowledge on how to care for your babies, or a school administrator with concerns about some of your students, we’re here to help.

Should your child need the support of a mobility aid like a wheelchair or orthotics, you might be aware of the significance of accurate sizing. At Little Feet Therapy, our team of pediatric physical and occupational therapists is here to guarantee a well-fitted wheelchair or orthotic for your little one.

Is your child struggling? Solutions are available.

Little Feet Therapy can help.