Is your child dealing with a particularly serious injury or physical condition?

Do you have a busy schedule that makes appointments difficult?

Are you hoping to give your child the best chance to manage a chronic condition?

If so, mobile pediatric physical therapy and mobile pediatric occupational therapy can help.

Here at Little Feet Therapy, one of the pediatric therapy services we offer is mobile pediatric therapy. And while it’s undoubtedly more convenient, it can also deliver more effective results from a therapeutic perspective. This is why Little Feet Therapy provides mobile therapy service.

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What Is Mobile Pediatric Therapy?

Mobile pediatric physical therapy and occupational therapy is when your pediatric therapist visits your child, rather than you visiting a pediatric therapy clinic.

Mobile pediatric therapy offers the same types of therapeutic services as you’d receive in a clinic. As well, mobile pediatric therapists hold the same credentials that in clinic ones do. The main difference is that it’s on location.

Why Choose Mobile Pediatric Therapy?

When it comes to pediatric therapy, there are several reasons why mobile and in home therapy can be a better option.

Your mobile pediatric therapist will meet with you to discuss the concerns you have about your child, and any diagnoses they’ve received. From there, they will put together a treatment plan designed to help them manage their condition, continue to develop their physical health, and give them the best shot at a fulfilling, independent life.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the unique benefits of mobile pediatric therapy.

It’s More Convenient For You

Let’s face it, parents are expected to do more than ever before. Between holding down a career, tending to a romantic relationship, maintaining an active lifestyle and a fulfilling social life, and at the same time raising happy, healthy, well adjusted kids. It’s a lot.

As a result, mobile pediatric therapy can be a more convenient option for busy working parents. Rather than having to make time to travel to and from an appointment and sit waiting while it happens, your pediatric therapist will come to you.

This can cut down on the time commitment for appointments.

It’s Easier For Your Child

There are certain health conditions that can make it difficult to make it to a pediatric therapy clinic.

If your child is recovering from surgery, for example, it can make travel difficult. At the same time, however, physical therapy can be important for reducing scar tissue and making the healing process faster.

If your child has mobility issues, pediatric therapy can help there as well, but again it can create barriers to actually accessing treatment.

If your child is dealing with autism spectrum disorderor sensory processing disorderwith particularly acute symptoms, visiting a clinic outside of their regular routine can be troublesome and trigger feelings of extreme anxiety.

For these reasons, and many others, it can be easier on your child to have their pediatric therapist visit them at home or at school.

It’s More Effective Treatment

If the above two reasons weren’t enough, research shows that mobile pediatric therapy is actually more effective than treatment done in a clinical setting.

The reason for this is because when your child receives treatment in familiar surroundings, it helps put them at greater ease. This is especially true for children with autism spectrum disorder, who might otherwise feel distressed by the idea of breaking their usual routine.

In particular, mobile and in home pediatric therapy can improve your child’s ability and willingness to participate in the treatment plan, and it can also improve their compliance with the treatments and at home exercises.

Because the sessions are done in your child’s environment, it can make it easier for them to do their exercises, since your pediatric therapist can show them how to do it with their own equipment.

Other Benefits

Some of the other benefits of in home and mobile pediatric therapy include:

  • Improved comfort for your child
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Decreased risk of illness for very young, sick, or immunocompromised children
  • Better carryover with caregivers
  • Increased ability to work collaboratively with family and teachers
  • Easier to identify possible triggers and increased ease in finding adaptations
  • Utilizing the actual tools that give them trouble daily

What Conditions Can Mobile Pediatric Therapy Help With?

Broadly speaking, a mobile pediatric therapist can help with the same conditions as one in clinic. In particular, however, a mobile pediatric therapist from Little Feet Therapy can help by providing:

  • Pediatric physical and occupational therapy screenings and evaluations
  • Pediatricphysical and occupational teletherapy
  • Early intervention pediatricphysical and occupational therapy
  • Pediatric occupational therapy treatments for sensory processing disorder
  • Pediatricphysical and occupational therapy treatments for torticollis
  • Pediatricphysical and occupationaltherapy treatments for toe walking
  • Pediatricphysical and occupationaltherapy treatments for poor balance
  • Pediatricphysical and occupationaltherapy treatments for poor handwriting
  • Pediatricphysical and occupationaltherapy treatments for autism spectrum disorder
  • Pediatricphysical and occupationaltherapy treatments for cerebral palsy
  • Pediatricphysical and occupationaltherapy treatments for Down syndrome
  • Pediatricoccupationaltherapy treatments for social skills development
  • Pediatricphysical and occupationaltherapy treatments for ADHD
  • Pediatricphysical and occupationaltherapy treatments for developmental delays
  • Pediatricphysical and occupationaltherapy treatments for self care skills development
  • And more

If your child needs pediatric physical therapy or occupational therapy, consider mobile and in home services.

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