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Each of our occupational therapists and physical therapists have specific training in and specializations with different disorders your child may be experiencing.

If you’d like to request a specific practitioner, or you have questions about our individual experience or approach, we’re happy to help.

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Shawn Leis, MPT

Physical Therapist - Washington, DC

Dana Stehwien, MPT

Physical Therapist - Washington, DC

Megan McKinney, DPT

Physical Therapist - Washington, DC

Caroline Bennett, DPT

Physical Therapist - Washington, DC

Logan DeBeatham, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist - Washington, DC

Carrie Burns, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist - Charlotte, NC

Stephanie O’Connell, DPT

Physical Therapist - Charlotte, NC

Brie Melcher, DPT

Physical Therapist - Charlotte, NC

Jordan Wopinski, DPT

Physical Therapist - Charlotte, NC

Katie Henriques, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist - Charlotte, NC

Shania Ibrahim, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist - Charlotte, NC

Amanda Davis, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist - Raleigh, NC

Carrie Choate, PT

Physical Therapist - St Louis, MO

Amanda Zachman, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist - St Louis, MO

Lisa Viviano

Office Manager

Reviews From Our Happy Patients

Here’s what some parents are saying about our pediatric therapy clinic and our therapists.

To read more reviews and testimonials, please visit our patient reviews and testimonials page.

The best therapists around, I have been using Little Feet for over 2 years & I wouldn’t change. My granddaughter loves her therapists. She receives PT & OT at home, always willing to do as much as they can. Anyone using Little Feet won’t be sorry they chose them.
Jordan worpinski is a wonderful an amazing physical therapist we have experienced fast improvements with daughter faster then we expected thanks to Jordans patience an the way she works with her therapy shme definitely gets 5 stars an is well an highly recommended!
Dana is absolutely wonderful!! She was so incredible with my son, and I miss seeing her weekly!
The concierge service with Little Feet is amazing! It’s convenient that our PT, Megan, comes to our house and helps build our son’s skills and confidence in a familiar setting.
We love working with Shawn for my 4 year old's physical therapy! I feel like we found a unicorn - someone who can come to our house AND who also connects so well with my daughter. Shawn follows her lead while gently guiding and supporting and always makes things fun. And I love that we can fit it in more easily with our schedule rather than figuring out how to build in time to get to a clinic. Highly recommend Shawn and Little Feet!
Highly recommend Little Feet Therapy - our little one is lucky enough to be treated by Shawn Leis, and can't say enough about her and the practice overall - professional, effective, thoughtful, and clearly care about the little one's they treat - thx Little Feet Therapy!
Shawn at little feet has been great! She comes to our house (which is amazing) and is great with our little guy. He has a gross motor delay but has been making great progress to catch up working with Shawn. Little Feet has also been very easy to work and schedule with, which feels so rare these days!
I am a director of a Child Care in Charlotte and we work with Little Feet Therapy. We have students receiving both OT & PT. The therapist at Little Feet are fantastic to work with and are great communicators. They work with the teachers to ensure the children are getting the most out of their day. The leadership at Little Feet is also easy to work with when it comes to scheduling screening days and individual sessions.Thank you ladies!
Shawn is incredible! My boys LOVE her and she is incredibly communicative and supportive with parents - exactly what one looks for in a service provider. It is also amazing to have her see my older son at his school during hours that work for the school day and for this to be so seamless. Shawn also works very strategically to figure out how to motivate each child - whether it's competitions or stickers - and she has totally won them over. I highly highly recommend!
Shawn is incredible! I have seen so much progress with my daughter’s gross motor skills since starting PT twice a week with Shawn. She’s so good at what she does and I am so thankful we have her as part of our care team!
We love the Little Feet team! They were with my son from 6 months to almost 3 years old for PT and OT and have been like family. They have always listened to our concerns and treated my son and our whole family with such care and attention. They are very knowledgeable and open to trying new things but always listen to the parents, which is so appreciated. Highly recommend!
We absolutely love Little Feet. St. John's Preschool has been working with them for the past year and we love how dedicated to the children they are servicing. They are professional and respectful and extremely helpful with sharing techniques to use in the classroom. We highly recommend them to parents and school!
Sharon Baptist Weekday School has loved working with Little Feet Therapy. The therapist do a great job of talking to our teachers and working with them to incorporate what the child is learning in therapy into their classroom routine.
Shawn is a wonderful, engaging therapist. We are amazed by the improvement we’ve seen in gross motor skills in just a few weeks of working with her. Our kid looks forward to the sessions - she makes hard work fun. Highly recommend!
Little Feet Therapy is wonderful! From the first time Shawn came and did an assessment to several sessions in, she has made our two year old comfortable and more confidant in her movements. We have seen so much improvement after just a few sessions, I highly recommend them!
I have both my kids (6 and 4 years old) with Shawn to therapy once a week. I’ve seen so many progress and so much happiness to participate to this special activity that I deeply suggest the center! Great job Shawn!
We love Little Feet Therapy! Shawn has been our son's therapist for over 5 years for PT and now we have added a wonderful OT. We are so pleased with his progress. We are fortunate to have therapists that truly care about Christian and really know how to get him to participate on those days he does not want to work. Thank you for providing the best therapy in town😊
Shawn and her team are outstanding. We’ve been with Little Feet for about a year now and are so pleased with our child’s progress. They offer in-home and in-daycare sessions and provide detailed notes on the sessions, including things we can work on with our child.
My child has worked with Little Feet Therapy for 3 years for PT and OT. At first it was in person at my child's private preschool, for 52 weeks of virtual therapy, and then again in person at home. They have picked up on needs that 3 other pracititioners hadn't. I am incredibly greatful that Shawn Leis found me at a preschool Open House and said, "We can help!".
Shawn is an excellent PT. We worked with another therapist with very little results and came to Shawn looking for some answers and support for our 13 month old. Not only does she provide in-home therapy, but she is professional while being personable to a baby. My son lights up when she comes, he loves playing with her cool gadgets, and all the while he's getting stronger and developing gross motor skills. He's walking now and we owe a lot to Shawn for that. We highly recommend Shawn and the Little Feet team.
we love Stephanie - she's been seeing my son since he was about 10 months old! and he's already 3.5 - shes been a great asset in his PT and we are truly greatful for her hard work and dedication to our son. thank you STEPHANIE =)

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